Dear ClayGround Family,

First of all, we miss you! The studio has been quiet without your laughter and excitement, but we’re happy you are staying safe during these trying times. We know you come to us not only to lift your spirits, but also to ground your soul. Please know that we are dedicated to providing that community space for you.

It has been quite an eventful 3+ years since we first opened our doors as the new owners of The ClayGround. Fresh off of the 2016 flood, we were excited to learn along with you what The ClayGround embodied, and could embody, to all of our stakeholders – our instructors, our customers, our OEC community and the arts. We were just getting our feet wet when we were again doused with the 2018 flood. Picking ourselves up and dusting ourselves off, we continued on to make phenomenal progress in the classes, team building, social and community events we offered to provide the type of inclusive, fun, supportive and healing environment we envisioned. Now that we are faced with another “challenge” in the form of the pandemic, we’ve decided to make lemonade out of lemons. To make The ClayGround even better, we’re excited to announce that we’re taking this unique opportunity to renovate our building and update our facilities!

Did you know our building has been a car dealership, an apartment, a florist, AND a bakery, just to name a few? Not to mention a pottery and glass studio. It’s time to make the building truly our own and to make it the best it can be for you and your experiences.

This means we’ll be reorganizing rooms, adding new sinks and helpful features, installing HVAC for hot summers and cold winters, generally making the spaces more accessible and much more! We hope our newly designed space will inspire everyone who walks through our doors and serves to symbolize our wholehearted commitment to our OEC community.

We expect to start construction later this month of July 2020 and plan to be finished by the fall. In the meantime, please refer to our FAQs below and we’ll undertake to keep you informed throughout the process.

Do not despair – we will start up classes soon to be the place to provide you a great place to create artwork and create memories!

Renovation FAQs:

What is happening to the ClayGround?
We are working on a building renovation for our location in Old Ellicott City. The building will remain the same on the outside, but we will be updating the inside facilities to be more modern, functional, easy-to-access and fun.

What does this mean for classes and events?
We are temporarily suspending all classes. As we finish our renovation project and finalize a reopening date, we will announce the updated schedule of classes and open for bookings.

When will you reopen?
We are kicking off construction within the next month and expect to be finished this fall.

Will The ClayGround still offer the same fun classes and special events when you reopen?
YES! When we reopen, we will have fresh paint, new equipment, and a more inviting layout, but our commitment to offering inspiring, fun art classes, special events for your special purposes and beautiful art work will be the same. From our fan-favorite Mud & Merlot nights to our dedicated 6-week intensives, from Glass Fusion & Mosaic Design to Hand Building, from team building to holiday parties and everything in between – we’ll be back as soon as we can.

Where do I find updates on the status of the renovation?
Right here!

Check in on our blog as well as on our Facebook and Instagram platforms. Our team will be regularly updating you throughout the process and giving behind-the-scenes insights.