Pottery Classes

When you think about pottery, think about us.

We offer multiple classes Tuesday to Sunday throughout the day, with classes for every skill level. We also create group experiences for corporate team building, organizations of all types, and social events. Learn more about our custom group experiences or call us now at (443) 812-1158 and we will design an experience especially for you!

About Our Classes

Our pottery classes are family friendly and you are welcome to BYOB and snacks. Individuals with alcoholic beverages must be at least 21. Anyone under 15 years old must be accompanied by a non-drinking adult. We are suspending drinks and snacks until COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. Please read our Coronavirus Policy for more details.

After Your Class

Glazing is what people often think of as “painting” their piece. After you’ve taken a pottery wheel or hand-building class, you will want to book a glazing session for approximately four weeks later, after we have fired your piece in our kiln.

Intro & Beginner Classes

Mud & Merlot

$45 per student

Bring a date or a mate, or come out on your own. Most people in this class have never used a pottery wheel, so there’s a lot of experimenting, laughter and encouraging each other. It’s muddy and messy and fun. We’ll guide you step-by-step in turning your clay into a simple piece — like a vase, cup or bowl. You’ll create something to use … and create memories, too.

Beyond the Basics

$65 per student

This is a class both for beginners and for those with some experience who want to build their skills. We’ll introduce you to the pottery wheel and guide you one step at a time to create a basic vessel — like a cup, bowl, shallow dish or small vase, to name a few options. These are smaller classes, so there will be time to teach you how to add texture and make handles. We’re all here to have fun. If you think you aren’t creative enough or aren’t artistic, wheel prove you wrong.

Hand Building Pottery

$65 per student

Unlike creating pottery on a wheel, in this class you use your hands and simple tools to sculpt a specific project, such as a mug, stein or bowl. Beginning and intermediate students learn the techniques of pinch pottery, coil building, and slab building. Let’s find your creativity and let it out!.

Intermediate & Advanced Classes

Six-Week Mixed-Level Wheel Throwing

$300 per student

If you’ve had throwing experience in the past or if you have taken our Beyond the Basics or Mud & Merlot class and are intrigued, this is your chance to practice and refine simple forms and explore more complex shapes. You will learn more about throwing, trimming, attachments (e.g., handles), alterations (e.g., texture, carving, etc.), and glazing. At the start of the course, we give you 25 pounds of clay to use to build multiple pieces. The class includes all firing and materials, though you are welcome to bring your own tools. This is an opportunity for learning and development guided by our talented instructors, and it’s a place to explore this tactile art form. Following this course, students have the skills to continue on their own with open studio time.

Advanced Wheel

Pricing will vary

This experience is designed around each student’s skill level and the project they want to complete. Our instructors provide one-on-one guidance and education, but they also allow the student the freedom they are comfortable with to explore and create on their own. You do not need to complete our Six-Week Mixed-Level Wheel Throwing class prior to this class, but we do recommend that you first take Beyond the Basics (see description above). Get lost in the creative process, experience a change of pace and forget the daily pressures of a hectic life.

Six-Week Hand Building Class

$300 per student

In a six-week hand building class, you will learn many of the basic skills and techniques to build multiple three-dimensional objects without a pottery wheel. Learn how clay is made, its properties and what techniques make clay stronger. Our students walk away feeling proud and often amazed at what they could do. Plus, they gain the skills that become the foundation for more challenging projects in the future.

Open Studio Time

Get into the Zen zone and let your creativity soar. We support the local arts and the advancement of our students, so we offer time in the studio at an hourly rate and varied materials cost.

Call us at (443) 812-1158 or email info@claygroundonline.com to schedule a time. Online booking is unavailable.

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