The ClayGround Studio & Gallery
is what you make it…
and where you make it.

Fused Glass

The art of fused glass blends your painter brain with your architect brain. You will cut pieces of thin, colorful glass and arrange them like a puzzle, layering them over one another to design patterns or simple images. When we fire your piece in the kiln, the pieces fuse together to capture your vision.


When was the last time you played in the mud? Or left the daily grind behind? How long has it been since you connected with friends or coworkers? The ClayGround lets you do all of that! Put on your play clothes, tie back your hair and stop by. It’s a wheel-y great time for anyone.


Anyone can come into their first mosaic class and walk away with something beautiful. With guidance from your instructor, you will learn how to cut and crush glass into the shapes you want, or chose pieces that are already cut. You can also choose to use glass mosaic tiles or beads. It’s always up to you!

Group Experiences

We create individualized experiences for corporate events, team building, singles nights, home schooled students, organizations, party guests and more. Just ask! Classes can include pottery, glass fusion, mosaics or a mix of all three. We can accommodate groups of up to 50 people, depending on the activity. Call (443) 812-1158 or click below for more information.
Group Experiences at The ClayGround

What is The ClayGround Studio & Gallery?

It’s a quirky little place in a quaint little town called Old Ellicott City. We offer classes in pottery, fused glass and mosaics, and we feature local artists in our gallery, many of which are our very talented instructors. The ClayGround is a place for fun and inspiration, where you can try something new. Or a place for calm and creativity, where you get into your zone. With any class you choose, your experiences will stay with you … and you will always remember who you were with when you created your piece.

Upcoming Events


Get ready for Halloween and come to the ClayGround for a hand-building, glass fusion or mosaic class to create your holiday pumpkins. Sign up for any of our hand-building, glass fusion or mosaic classes and let us know you want to make pumpkins. It’s easy as that!

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Health, Support and Inclusiveness

The benefits associated with taking classes at The ClayGround are beautifully articulated in the excerpts from a Nomination Letter for the Howie Award that a long standing student submitted on behalf of The ClayGround.

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How To Decorate With Ceramics

Hand Made Ceramics is a unique way to elevate your space – whether its something great you made at The ClayGround or purchased from a local artist you’re supporting.

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