Custom Group Experiences

Nothing makes us happier than a group having a fantastic time, getting creative and learning something new. We say that people always remember who they were with when they created a piece. So let’s make it happen!

All of our experiences are completely customized. Your group can select a single activity (potter’s wheel, hand-built pottery, fused glass or mosaics) or a combination of any of those. Depending on the type of activity, we can accommodate anywhere from 10 to 50 people. Experiences can be scheduled at various times of day, with most lasting between two and four hours. Because each experience is unique, online booking is unavailable. We’ll work together to find the date and time that works best for you. Give us a call at (443) 812-1158 to get started.

Food and beverages are welcome; please let us know in advance so we can set aside space for a serving table. Individuals drinking alcoholic beverages must be 21 or over. Anyone under 15 years old must be accompanied by a non-drinking adult.

Companies, Nonprofits and Organizations

We’ve hosted companies like WBAL, Verizon and, and also nonprofit organizations like Wounded Warriors, the Horizon Foundation and the Fort Meade Chaplain’s Office. We can meet the needs of any group, because every experience is customized. We provide an open and relaxed environment where people can get to know one another on a personal level. Relationships are built organically, and teams are strengthened in this shared experience. Please call us at (443) 812-1158 to design a one-time or multi-week experience for your organization.

Social Gatherings

Are you looking for an original idea for meeting up with friends or family? We’ve created experiences for bridal showers, birthdays, reunions, teams, clubs, celebrations of life and much, much more. We’ll help you select the right activity (or activities) for the size of your group and the type of gathering. Please call us at (443) 812-1158.

Children’s and Teen’s Experiences

Classes for Homeschoolers

We can customize a one-time or multi-week class for homeschoolers between the ages of 7 and 18. The depth of instruction can be adapted to the child’s age and level of interest. Class size and class length can be adjusted as well. We can also design a course spanning several weeks that explores all activities (wheel pottery, hand-built pottery, fused glass and mosaics).

Classes for Scouts

Classes are typically designed for the first-timer. Talk to us about the badge or patch your child or troop needs to achieve and we can guide the activity in that direction.

Summer Art Camps

Our week-long camps introduce children to the potter’s wheel, hand-built pottery, fused glass and mosaics. Most projects can be completed in a day, while some will take the full week. We add nature walks and other activities to make it a varied and interesting day. Camps run from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Parties for Children and Teens

Every experience is a custom experience, so contact us about choosing the activity or combination of activities that will be best for your group. Class length and the level of guidance provided can be adjusted for the age of the children attending.

To schedule any of these experiences for kids, please call us at (443) 812-1158.

Online booking is unavailable for our customized group experiences

Call us at (443) 812-1158 to get started.

Group Experiences

Mixed Kids and Adults Group at The ClayGround
Mixed Kids and Adults Group at The ClayGround
Bridal Group Experience
Bridal Group Experience