Coronavirus Health and Safety Policies

We are all facing this together

Last Updated: 1/14/2022

For Employees

  • Sick leave required if symptomatic, tested positive or, if not vaccinated exposed to others testing positive for Covid 19.
  • Face Coverings are required. Masks are required.
  • Hand Sanitizers provided; Hand washing often throughout the day but always after each class, after meal and bathroom breaks.
  • Physical distancing is encouraged.
  • Cleaning of workspace each morning, in between each class and at the end of the day. Supplies will be provided and assistance by staff. Require students to clean their work areas at end of each class.
  • Training will be provided.
  • Report any discomfort with students, class, guests or otherwise for immediate assistance. We’re facing this together!

For Students

  • Names of all class participants required at time of registration to allow for contact tracing if necessary. Acknowledgement of risks required for each participant.
  • Students may not attend class if they have any symptoms of Covid 19, tested positive for Covid 19 or, if not vaccinated were recently exposed to someone who tested positive per CDC guidelines.
  • Students will be asked to wash hands prior to starting class.
  • Class size may be limited, and seating with disparate groups can be divided by acrylic shields upon request.
  • Face masks are required.
  • No sharing of supplies during class; supplies will be cleaned prior to and after each class.
  • Equipment single use only with social distancing encouraged for those waiting to use. This includes sinks, tables, glass cutting equipment, etc.
  • Students requested to clean their workstations upon completion of class. Disinfectant provided.
  • Hands free payment methods will be provided.
  • Hand sanitizers provided at each entrance of the building.
  • Report any discomfort with teachers, students, class, guests or otherwise for immediate assistance. We’re facing this together!

For Gallery Patrons

  • Masks are required for entry.
  • Sanitizers provided at building entry for use.
  • Social distancing encouraged throughout visit and at point-of-sale desk.
  • Bathroom use for students & gallery guests only.
  • Hands free payment methods provided.
  • Tours of the facility may be limited based upon occupation numbers.

Anyone who cannot abide by these practices should not choose to visit us at this time and if on the building premises will be asked to leave. We are all facing this together and can only succeed if everyone does their part. Thank You!