Greetings from The ClayGround Studio & Gallery! I want to thank all of you for your wonderful support of our studio and gallery! Thanks to you we are expanding once again!!! We have so many people enjoying our weekend classes that we will be opening up a second classroom sometime in March! We are adding 6 more wheels , so stay tuned for additional weekend times coming soon. We are also finishing up the last of the preparations for Jehovah Java and Juice ( located within the ClayGround), by the beginning of March you should be able to purchase healthy fresh juices, smoothies and other organic foods, as well as organic teas, coffee, hot chocolate and other beverages. I also want to apologize up front for missed calls during construction, and to let you know some people have had trouble connecting to voice mail when they call, so please feel free to email me directly with the email address below while we work out the problem between cell carrier connections.


Our location is:
3715 Old Columbia Pike
Ellicott City, MD 21043

Email: clayations46@yahoo.com * please note that the email link from this website is no longer active

Gallery Hours :

•Monday:     1-5 pm
•Tuesday:       10 - 6:00 pm
•Wednesday:  10- 6:00 pm
•Thursday:    10 - 6:00 pm
•Friday:          10- 6:00 pm
•Saturday:      10:00 am - 6:00 pm
•Sunday:        11-4pm

Class Schedule:

As of July 1st, glazing will be drop-in, Wed -Fri  as early as 3- as late as 6,  Sat  as early as 12- as late as 5 and Sun as early as 11- and as late as 5

Studio Time: Books by appointment according to available space. ( excludes Monday and Tuesday evenings )

 Weekly Class times:

Pottery: ( 8 person limit per class session, does not include birthday parties and group events which require a longer class time)

All other classes book by appointment as well, ( glass fusing, bead stringing, metal embossing, bead weaving, polymer clay and wire wrapping), class times vary

Our Current Teaching Staff:

Wed-Friday 1-3 pm- Charlene Randolph

Wed-Friday evening- Donny McCord

Saturday- Meg Gallagher

Sunday- Madalynn Ross

Polymer Clay- LaDonna Benner, Charlene Randolph

Bead Stringing- LaDonna Benner, Charlene Randolph

Bead Weaving- Susan Miller

Fused Glass- various teachers

Metal Embossing- various teachers